Steel Root Builders, LLC is an Asheville, NC based award winning custom home builder who specializes in modern sustainable homes, complete renovations/additions, and commercial up-fits.


Wood and metal are two of the most basic design elements that make up the "shell" of a structure. It was only natural for us to incorporate these elements into our name Steel Root Builders.

Our small team of passionate builders make up the nucleus of our company. They allow us to take on a variety of different types of projects including; custom homes, new commercial construction, commercial up-fit, historic restorations, barns, steel framed structures, stilt homes and tiny homes/ADU's. In fact, we are always open to entertaining new and challenging projects. We encourage sustainable building practices whenever possible and are always looking to expand our knowledge on the subject. Thats what keeps us excited about the work we do. Our focus driven process combined with tried and true building elements allow us to create unique sustainable spaces!